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"While OTHERS need to pay for their office, staff, AND business expenses ..... I don't."

By choosing me for your company design needs, you can be sure that you're only paying for your project, and not the company overhead. My hourly, and project prices are usually a fraction of qualified competitors. I have experience in many aspects of conceptual design and implementation, and pride myself on producing great results for each and every client I work with. I want you to get a return on your investment and will strive to create the work that will help you get results.


"I am nationaly recognized and accredited."

I have won numerous design awards for my work including:

• New York City's - Business and Marketing Golden ACE Award

• National SILVER Davey Advertising Award

• National Bronze Web Spider Award for Web Design

• National OEM Industry Website Award

• Many WEBSITE of the MONTH awards

"i continue to learn and continue educating myself of the newest practices and styles"

I annually attend seminars, confrences and education classes to continue my knowledge of the industry and to build better fundamentals and learn new tricks. Below are some examples of things I have participated in to further myself as a designer:

• Classes at Northwestern on Retail Marketing

• National Creative Seminar from Brandweek

• Art training and setup in Prestbury, England

• Global Shop Retail Expo

• Visual Marketing and Shopper Marketing Conference

• Instore Marketing Expo

"There are 3 main types of designers you will come across in your search for a good partner in your project."

The "AD Agency":
Most of them have full teams of developers and designers that can create anything you could possibly imagine. This is a great benefit to large corporations with large budgets, but the costs are usually far too high for small business.

The "Cheap-ish Alternatives":
This can range from a friends kid that will build you a "great" website to, unfortunately, an inexperienced amatuar designer just starting his skill set. Their low(ish) prices may seem appealing, but the end product is often outdated and amateur and will cost you much more business capital as you will need to re-create the time, effort and costs when you decide to do the project correctly.

The "Real Deal":
This category of designers have the ability to deliver you a fantastic product at a great price, fortunately for me, I don't come across too many other people like this.

My promise to you is that I will always be upfront and truthfull to you and give you my best recommendation regardless if you are my client, or we are just contacts for reference and input.

In the end, I am very efficient, effective and really do enjoy working for my clients.

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